10 best hair washing tips at home for your healthy hair

healthy hair wash tips

Do you know that your hair washing habit might be wrong? Many people ignore  this fact and keep doing what they have been doing. But some simple shower tips can save your hair from falling, split ends and damaging. Below are 10 healthy hair washing tips that you can easily follow at home. Simply check the points to make sure you are not doing it the wrong way. If you find you are not doing it in the way mentioned below, you need to change your habit now for maintaining healthy hair naturally.

healthy hair wash tips

1. Massage your hair with oil before shampoo

The harsh chemical compounds in shampoo takes away essential oils from your hair strands. Hence it is highly recommended to massage your hair with oil to keep it hydrated and strong naturally. You can use mustard oil, coconut oil or olive oil for this.


  • Massage with the oil either before 2-3 hours of the bath or massage it all over your scalp and hair before sleep, leave it overnight and wash off in the morning.

2. Soak it well before applying shampoo

Wash your hair with water at least for a minute before shampooing. You can use lukewarm water for this as it helps to open up the pores of the scalp but do not use hot water as it will lead to dry and frizzy hair. After it is soaked well, you can start applying shampoo.

3. Choose the right type of shampoo

First of all, be clear that shampoos are meant to be for your scalp and conditioner for your hair. Shampoos help to wash away the dirt from your scalp. That is why depending upon the type of your scalp, you should choose the shampoo.

For oily scalp:

  • Look for the shampoo with labels that mention strengthening, volumizing or balancing as it tend to remove the excess oil from the scalp.
  • Ignore shampoos that mention moisturizing or hydrating as it tend to add extra moisture making your hair more oily.

For dry scalp:

  • Avoid shampoos with labels that mention strengthening, fortifying, or volumizing as it takes away necessary moisture from your scalp.
  • Choose sulphate free shampoos as sulphates make your scalp more dry
  • If your scalp is too dry and flaky, there are shampoos specially formulated for dry scalps. You can even choose shampoos with ingredients such as green tea, menthol.
  • If your scalp is little dry, then you can opt for shampoos with labels that mention hydrating, smoothing, moisturizing or for curly hair. These helps to retain moisture making your dry scalp full of moisture.

4. Conditioning Your Hair

After shampooing, now it’s time for conditioning your hair. While using conditioner, it’s not like shampooing as a quick massage and rinse. Instead, you should apply it in your hair tip avoiding the roots, leave it for 2-3 minutes and rinse off till any residue is gone.

5. Detangling your hair

Detangling your hair before shower helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp. It prevents pore clogging, hair fall and reduces split ends. Also, you can detangle your hair while conditioning your hair with wide toothed comb through the lower half of your hair.

6. Rinse off with cold water for best hair wash

The best hair washing tips that maximum people ignore is rinsing the hair with cold water. You should always use cold water to rinse off at least in the final step. Or if possible, rinse off with cold water after shampooing and conditioning. It helps to close the hair cuticles helping to seal the moisture in each hair strand.

7. Avoid using blow dryer or harsh rubbing

Avoid using a blow dryer to dry your hair after wash as the heat from a blow dryer can damage your hair making it more dry causing split ends. That is why always dry your hair with the help of a towel but do not rub it harshly. Harsh rubbing can damage your hair taking away the natural shine. So, gently rub it by squeezing the excess water or simply leave your wet hair to dry naturally.

8. Avoid washing your hair daily

This is one of the best tips for healthy hair. You should not be washing your hair on a daily basis. It is because shampoos consist of chemicals which can make your hair extremely dry and brittle. So, using it daily is a NO-NO to maintain a healthy hair. Wash your hair only twice or thrice a week.

9. Do not stretch shampooing time

Ideally, you should finish shampooing and conditioning your hair within 20 minutes of wetting your hair. Stretching time more than this can lead to damage and breakage of the hair since your hair is most fragile while it’s wet.

10. Avoid applying conditioner on the scalp

There are still people in this earth who apply conditioner on their scalp too. This is WRONG. You should not apply conditioner on scalp as it will clog the pores leading to hair fall. Instead apply it few inches away from the scalp in download direction toward the tip of your hair.
If you are reading this blog and one of those people who condition on scalp too then change your habit from today.

So, did you pass on these checklist? If yes, then bravo! You are washing your hair in the right way. Keep continuing the same way and rock your hair naturally.

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