How to lose weight naturally without exercise?

lose weight without exercise

Whenever the term “weight loss” strikes our mind, we immediately think of those rigorous workouts and just wonder “what if I can lose weight without all those hardcore physical workout?” Well, this blog is the perfect choice for the people like you who hate exercises. Though it is true that exercise helps to burn more calories which in turn results in weight loss, there are other ways too to help you lose those unnecessary pounds.

lose weight without exercise

Changing few of your daily habits is enough to cut off those extra pounds. Wonder how? Just keep reading the article. Here we reveal 10 awesome tips to lose weight naturally without exercise.

1. Make a habit of going to bed early

For maintaining a good health and weight, a good night’s sleep is vital. Going bed earlier and having a sound sleep for 7-8 hours will not only cut off the late night snacking but also improves body’s metabolism that aids in burning calories. So, make a habit of going bed earlier, give yourself a rest and minimize the chance of being overweight.

2. Drink more water & avoid sugary beverages to lose weight

Well, drinking water alone might not aid in weight loss but when your body is dehydrated, it cannot burn fat. That is why it is essential to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to rev up fat-burning capacity. Sometimes thirst is often confused with hunger so whenever you are hungry first sip some water. Even if it’s not the thirst, your hunger will reduce and hence, you’ll end up intaking less calorie/meal.  

Another reason for obesity is the regular consumption of artificially sweetened sugary beverages that piles up unnecessary fat in your body. So, despite for drinking those sweetened soft drinks, hop into natural drinks such as plain water mixed with mint, berries, ginger, green tea, herbal tea or consume water content rich veggies such as cucumber, carrot or radish.

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3. Slow down your eating habit to reduce body fat

There is a saying “Eat water. Drink food.”  Well, this is true and quite helpful when it comes to losing weight. Drinking food refers to chewing your food so well that it change into a liquid form and you literally drink it. The more chewed food is easy to digest, increases fullness and help in less calorie intake. When you tend to eat food fast, you are also swallowing more air that tend to major gas issue and indigestion along with obese issue.  

Tips: If it’s difficult for you to get into the  habit of eating slow then considering counting your each bite. Chew it for at least 10-15 times then swallow.

4. Eat in smaller plates

Yes, eating in smaller plates help you to lose weight. This is a mind game. Consider putting a small piece of food in a large plate, your brain will consider it as low eating and hence demands for more food on the plate. But if you put the same piece of food on a smaller plate, then your mind will consider it as a large portion and hence you’ll not be tempted to add more food in the plate.

5. The color of your plates matter

You might be wondering how can the color of the plates aid in weight loss? Well, color does matter and it has been experimented too. According to the experiment, those who tend to eat the same color food as the plate (for example: red sauce pasta in red plate), tend to eat about 20% more than those who chose the plate color different than their food (for example: red sauce pasta in white plate).

What this research states is that when the color of the food and the plate matches, the food blends in with the color of the plate and hence the amount on the plate doesn’t seem to be as large and you end up putting more food onto the plate. On the contrary, the portion of the food can easily be visualized and controlled while serving on the plate that is contrast to the food.

6. Be your own chef for healthy cooking

This is another effective way to lose weight without any hardcore physical workout. But for this, you should learn to cook in a healthy way. There are lots of video tutorials available online to help you on this. When you start cooking by yourself, you have much control on the calorie count on the food. That way you are more conscious and swap towards more nutritional foods such as veggies and fruits.

7. Keep healthy food visible while unhealthy out of sight

In one study, it has been found that when high calorie foods such as chocolates, chips, soft drinks were kept more visible and accessible, it directly impact people in their weight gain compared to those who had kept healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits visible and more accessible. That is why, unhealthy foods should be kept out of sight such as in closed cupboard and healthy food should be kept on countertops, refrigerator so that whenever you are hungry you reach out healthy food first.

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8. Say “Yes” to proteins to lose weight naturally

Including protein on your diet plan is very helpful if you are planning to lose weight. Protein delays the hunger and keeps your tummy full and satisfied for longer period of time.  According to a study among young women, it was found that consuming high protein yogurt as an afternoon snack perceived hunger and fullness and hence less calorie was intaked in later meals compared to commonly-consumed, energy dense, high-fat snacks.
Beside yogurt, other protein rich foods include lentils, almond, fish, chicken breasts etc.

9. Add fiber rich foods to your diet

Like proteins, foods rich in fiber also increases fullness hence reducing hunger that leads to less intake for food later. Consuming a type of fiber called viscous fiber is mainly good for weight loss. These type of fiber forms a gel when it comes in contact with water which increases nutrient absorption time and keeps the tummy full. This fiber is only found in plant foods such as oats, brussel sprouts, beans and flax seeds.

10. Walk few miles daily

walk to lose weight

Last but not the least, consider walking for at least 30 minutes a day if you cannot go to the gym or join any zumba/aerobic classes. Walking will help to boost your metabolism that will help to burn fats in your body. You can burn from 100-300 calories in 30 minutes at a brisk walking pace

Just a simple change to your diet and routine can help you lose unnecessary fats. Checklist the above listed points and work on the needed ones. You’ll surely find a difference gradually with time as weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. Share us your thoughts regarding these tips in the comment section below!