4 simple habits for healthy glowing skin without any skincare products

natural glowing skin

Who would not want those flawless, healthy, glowing skin? That is the reason most women experiment on several skin care products. But despite of all these, still you struggle to get your desired skin’s appearance. Ever wonder it could be due to your everyday habit? If not, it’s a high time for you to be careful and checklist the following daily habits that can make a huge difference to make your skin sheen naturally.

1. Use separate towel for your face and body

You should use separate towel to dry your face. It is because the products that you put on your hair like hair spray, oil, or that you put on your body like fragrances, moisturizers aren’t good to your face skin. They can lead to clogged skin pores resulting in skin irritation, breakouts and acnes. Also you cannot simply use the same towel to clean armpits or butts and your face, right?  

2. Wipe off all your makeup before sleep

Honestly answer this question, do you wipe off your makeup before going to bed? If yes, then you can skip to the next point. If not, start making it a habit. Those makeups which made you look prettier all day long will make you look awful gradually if you leave it overnight because it will clog your skin pores resulting in inflammation, breakouts and wrinkles.

So, either wash your face before hopping into the bed or simply use baby wipes to take off your makeup.

3. Tie your hair up before sleep

While removing makeup before sleep allows your skin to breathe naturally, tying your hair is equally essential to safeguard your skin for natural flawless look. It is because sleeping with your hair down means your face is in contact with chemicals from your hair products, hair oil, sweat and dandruff which leads to skin irritation, acnes and breakouts.

Note: Do not tie your hair too tight as it can cause breakage to your hair ends. Make a loose bun or braid.

4. Change your pillowcase frequently

Our face skin comes in direct contact with pillowcases and so do our hair. Pillowcases hold sweat, dirt, oil from our hair and residue from personal care products. Hence, for a healthy glowing skin, changing your pillowcase frequently (at least every 3 days) is vital.

This is as simple as pie, isn’t it? Still due to lack of proper knowledge, many people are into these habits. But since you are aware of it now, incorporate these simple changes to your daily life and you’ll find some remarkable changes to your skin. Beside these, do remember to get enough sleep, do not skip exercises and stay hydrated for glowing healthy skin naturally!