Get fresh hair without washing after gym: Pre and post workout hair care tips

fresh hair workout

It’s normal to sweat after workout but it’s not considered normal to go out with your friends or go off to your work with that sweaty and messy hair. And washing it all the time is also not a good choice to go for. So, is there any way to get that fresh hair look without needing to wash it all the time? Well, the simple answer to this query is YES!

fresh hair workout

Below we have some amazing hair care tips to handle your hair before and after gym. You shall not go for entire hair wash all the time after you discover these amazing tips. So, let’s get into the hair care tips for pre and post workouts!

Pre-workout hair care tips:

1. Apply dry shampoo to prevent hair wash after workout

One of the most essential hair products for women is dry shampoo. And when used before you go to gym, it simply works perfect to soak up the sweats, oils and debris while you work out. Hence, you’ll not be required to wash your hair off after workout.

Note: You should not apply dry shampoo to sweaty wet hair as it will simply cake up to make you look more messy.

2. Choose the right hairstyles for workout

  • Tie it in braids or buns

Braids or buns, despite being quite quick and easy hairstyles, are also a saviour for your messy hair look after exercise. Simpy tying your hair into a braid or bun will keep you hair from becoming wild and reckless during and after workout.

  • Use sweatbands

Sweatbands are another easy go to help you look less messier after workout. It is because sweatbands absorb the sweat from your scalp and make it look more fresh and manageable. While you choose to wear a sweatbands, go for thick and soft ones.

Post workout hair care tips:

1. Carry some blotting paper in your gym bag

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of greasy hair after workout without needing to wash your hair is to use blotting paper. Simply run the blotting papers along your hairline and it will absorb your sweat to make your hair feel fresh.

2. Try cool air dry if not blotting

You can also make your hair sweatfree by hitting that cool button in your hair dryer. You can simply run the dryer on your hair strand and scalp for about 2-3 minutes till all the geasyness or sweatiness is removed from the hair.

3. Tie a bun, top knot or braid after you blot some sweat

Once you run through the blotting paper or cool air dry, you can then simply tie your hair into a messy bun, top knot or braid to make it look cool, stylish and no-one will notice any greasiness in your hair.

4. Brush the hair out

The moisture or oil that are generated during workout in your hair can be a nourishment for your hair. Since they are more attached to the scalp, you need to brush it all the way down from the root of the hair. This way, the oil will be generously divided into the hair and will look less messier.

5. Simply throw a hat

hat for oil free look

If you want an instant solution to overlook the sweatfree look of your hair, you can simply put on a hat and camouflage the dirtiness of your hair. To make it look more stylish, go for the trendiest hat.

So, if you have ever stopped working out just because you need to wash your hair everyday, then it’s time to rethink. Now you have discovered a lot of ways to keep your hair neat and tidy without needing to wash it all the time. If you have any other tips to make your hair look fresh after workout then do share us in the comment section below.

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